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Monday, 2 January 2017

Blue Perennial Jacobs Ladder, Polemonium Caeruleum

English cottage with Jacobs Ladder Polemonium caeruleum herbaceous perennial
Picture of herbaceous perennial Blue border plants Jacob's ladder Polemonium caeruleum
Polemonium Caeruleum is an hardy herbaceous perennial border plant which is commonly known as Jacobs Ladder or sometimes Greek Valerian. 
How to prune the herbaceous perennial Jacob's ladder Polemonium caeruleum
They are from the Polemoniaceae family a genus of over 30 species. Most Polemonium are native to the cooler temperate areas of Europe where they can be found growing wild on untouched grassland. There are several cultivated varieties of Polemonium Caeruleum  the most commonly found of which in the herbaceous borders of the UK have lavender blue or white flowers.
Growing herbaceous perennial Polemonium Caeruleum-Jacobs Ladder-Blue
Polemonium Caeruleum (Jacobs Ladder) are generally easy plants to grow since they are very tolerant to most soil types and PH values. They are happiest in a sunny border but will happily thrive in a partially shaded spot.
Attract Bees and Butterflies to your garden with Polemonium Caeruleum Jacobs Ladder
Plant using a generous amount of compost and keep watered well for 3 months or until your plant becomes established. They don't tolerate boggy or continually damp places that well so planting in these areas is best avoided.
Best soil type for Jacobs Ladder blue perennial-life between the flowers
Jacobs Ladder flowers from early to mid summer and grows up to 3ft or 90cm. They are fairly self supporting and don't usually require staking. Their leaves are somewhat ladder like which is probably where they get their common name 'Jacobs Ladder'. Whilst the original plant will slowly grow larger, the flower heads produce seeds which can spread throughout the border. Whilst this may be desirable up to a point by bringing on new plants, which can easily be transplanted, cutting the stems soon after flowering has finished will make them more manageable. All flower stems should be cut in the Autumn as a matter of course.
Does Jacob's ladder Polemonium caeruleum self seed-life between the flowers
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