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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Alliums Spring Flowering Eye Catchers

life between the flowers-Alliums Spring flowering eyecatchers
Alliums: mauve purple garden fireworks
picture of Beautiful White Allium

life between the flowers-Alliums are easy to plant with a trowel or bulb planter.
Alliums make a wonderful addition to the late Spring garden, their eye catching  flower heads make for a striking impact to a perennial border and they are equally as dramatic in a deep pot or trough. Allium is the classical Latin name for garlic which is one of over 700 species of the genus which includes Leeks, chives, shallots and onions which is why cultivated alliums are sometimes commonly named ornamental onions. They come in white, yellow, and blue but by far the most popular colour grown is in a range between lilac and purple. 

They are very easy to grow and since they are readily available in the UK in collections or individually, it is simply a matter of choosing the variety or mix that you want and planting the bulb in the soil with a trowel or bulb planter. Most Alliums tend to do best in well drained loamy soil in a fairly sunny position, but because there are many varieties some will tolerate cooler more shady spots.  It is worth paying attention to the overall height of the variety you have chosen, particularly if you intend to grow them in a border. I usually scatter plant them across the whole bed in twos and threes which looks very effective.
life between the flowers-Purple alliums great balls of colour in a border
life between the flowers-Allium black seeds will eventually grow into bulbs
 Alliums flower in late Spring here in the UK and when finished dry off and produce lots of small black seeds.  These can be left to fall into the border if required and will grow in following years as new plants. They can also be harvested when you remove the dead stems and grown in trays or pots. It can take up to three years for them to mature and flower. In addition Allium bulbs produce offsets, that is to say small bulb-lets on the side of the original. I usually lift my Alliums gently after a few years to separate these and make a cluster of flowers especially in a border.
life between the flowers-Badminton House England-Alliums Spring Flowering Eyecatchers
Pictures from top: crowds at the lake during the annual Badminton horse trials one of the most prestigious in the World. Spectacular clusters of alliums in a woodland setting. Allium Giganteum white. Gentlemen stewards of the course in red livery. Allium Ampeloprasum. Allium Cristophill. Badminton House in Gloucestershire, country seat of the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort.
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Diana said...

Love looking at your Allium. We can't grow them in Central Texas, it's much too hot. I've tried the most heat-tolerant varieties twice and their leaves literally began to burn up when they were only 1/2 way out of the ground! So now I have to settle for enjoying their blooms in the gardens of others.

simon tinks davis said...

Oh what a shame, they are such a stunning sight. However I know you grow the most wonderful plants that we here in England envy. Thanks for your visit. Simon