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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ribes red flowering & Ribes Aureum golden currant Spring blooming shrubs

How to grow Ribes Sanguineum flowering currant red spring flowering shrub
The Ribes flowering currant (Species Sanguineum) is a popular late spring flowering shrub, which is at its best in April and May here in the UK. The blooms are a prolific and spectacular red when in full flower. It was introduced in England c.1817 as a cultivated garden shrub by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), after 19th century Scottish Botanist David Douglas send seeds back to London from his plant finding expeditions in North America where it is native and grows mostly in the western coastal areas.  By far the most popular here and indeed thought to be the first gardened cultivar grown in Britain is King Edward V11  but there are numerous different varieties.
How to grow ribes red flowering currant
 Deciduous and fully hardy, Ribes prefers a sunny position in well drained soil. As with all shrubs, soak the root ball prior to planting. Dig a hole twice the size of the pot or bare root and add in plenty of compost and a handful of fish blood and bone meal. They will grow to approx 4/5 ft tall but I have seen some much higher. Pruning is minimal except for taking out dead wood and poor stems which is best done after flowering.
How and when do I prune my flowering currant
 Ribes Aureum the golden currant is also a native of Canada and the United States, but they are not so cultivated here in the UK as ornamental shrubs. They too are Spring flowering, producing copious amounts of yellow blooms. They can reach a height of 2-3 metres and is notably very drought tolerant surviving the most exposed dry sites. It produces edible berries and if you are growing them specifically for the fruit then they will do best in loamy soil in full sun. They will tolerate partial shade but that of course is not so good for ripening the fruit.
Spring blloming shrubs Ribes Aureum golden currant

 After a couple of years it is beneficial to cut out some of the old stems back around 2/3rds. This will ensure some vigorous new growth. It's best to do this soon after flowering has finished, particularly to encourage a healthy crop of fruit the following year.
Best place to plant a Ribes flowering currant
Spring flowering currant Ribes

Pictures: Top & Bottom Longstock church, in the County of Hampshire Southern England. Middle: Ribes red flowering currant x2 Ribes Aureum golden currant.

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Ficurinia said...

How lovely to see someone writing about one of our Pacific Northwest natives! It is a lovely plant indeed.

simon tinks davis said...

Hi Ficurina, I agree with you it's a wonderful edition to any garden here in England. How lucky you are to have it as one of your native species. Thanks for the comment, Simon

Garden Forum said...

Awesome article.
Thanks for sharing. =)

simon tinks davis said...

Many Thanks

flowers dublin said...

Yes having a garden is lucky Simon and having one as pretty as this one is like the luckiest kind of feeling I'm sure.

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