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Friday, 5 March 2010

Ballerina Rose pink bushy shrub rose.

How to grow Pink Bushy Ballerina Roses
                           Hybridized and introduced to Britain in 1937 by Ann and John Bentall, Ballerina (Hybrid Musk parentage unknown) is a prolific flowering shrub rose that will, if regularly dead headed, provide clusters of pink and white flowers throughout the Summer.
How do I prune my Ballerina Rose Grown more for its blooms, as there is only a slight fragrance, Ballerina has a tight bush like habit that suits either being planted singularly or in a group.
Pink Rose with clusters of flowers Ballerina
 They can grow quite tall (4-6ft) if allowed to and it is not unheard of for them to ramble into a nearby tree.  Although best grown in full sun, Ballerina is probably one of the best roses to tolerate partial or dappled shade.  It should be noted however planted in full shade they will become very leggy and flowering will be substantially reduced so is best avoided.
Continuous flowering roses Ballerina
 As with all roses planting should be in a humus rich soil. Roses have a PH value of 6.5 so slightly on the acidic side. Add a peat rich but not ericaceous compost and mix in a handful of fish blood and bone. The stock of the rose should be level with the soil and not buried. If you buy and plant a containerized rose almost all year round. Bear in mind not to plant if the ground is frozen. In summer or dry periods make sure you water regularly. The same applies if you purchase bare root roses which will usually only be available in winter.
Best pink shruby roses to buy that flower all summer BallerinaI usually feed a handful of rose fertilizer in March and again in June, sprinkling the dressing around the base and forking in lightly. There are specialist rose fertilizers on the market such as Toprose but the cheaper Growmore is equally as effective.
Ballerina is a tough and reliable rose
Ballerina is reasonably resistant to mildrew and rust but although not as badly affected as some roses, Blackspot can be a problem in badly infected areas.  In such cases spraying with a suitable garden fungicide is recommended. Pruning is required only to remove the dead flower clusters and to  keep it in general shape. 
What is the best Rose food for Ballerina roses
Pictures(copyright simon tinks davis) Top: Summer at The Cricketers Pub Tangley village. Other photos pink flowering shrub rose Ballerina.
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the Mrs. said...

How does one make this bush grow to 4'-6'? What is the fragrance like? Does it have thorns like roses? Such a delicate and lovely color of pink! The blooms remind me of painted china teasaucers.

simon tinks davis said...

Hello. Getting Ballerina to grow to such dizzy heights is not to difficult. Left unpruned except for the removal of dead flower clusters it will easily reach 4-6ft, though it should be noted it may take as many years to do so. Yes I agree the blooms are a lovely pink, indeed it is one of my favourite roses. It is interesting that the blooms remind you of tea saucers. On a summers day there is nothing better than to take afternoon tea in the garden when all the roses are in full flower. Thanks for your comment, kind regards, Simon.

Simple Herb Gardening said...

That is wonderful advice you have given. Sometimes I love to put in a couple handfuls of rich mulch to my plants. Keep up the great work with your gardening!

simon tinks davis said...

Great idea to put mulch around your plants, good for them and helps keep weeds under control to. Thanks for the comment. Regards, Simon

Landscaping Minneapolis said...

This is nice an excellent idea and these flowers are beautiful

simon tinks davis said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Kind regards, Simon

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