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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dicentra Spectabilis (Lamprocapnos) Bleeding Heart Herbaceous Perennials for shade

How to grow Dicentra Spectabilis Bleeding heart
Diecentra can be grown in partial shade
Introduced to the UK from it's native origins in China by plant collector Robert Fortune in 1846, you may know and perhaps be more familiar with Dicentra (Lamprocapnos) Spectabilis by its common name bleeding heart, so called because of the heart shaped pink flowers which hang from it's arching stems. This herbaceous perennial is a spectacular early flowerer from spring to the early days of summer. There are numerous different varieties and colours in the family papaveraceae, but by far this is the most common choice and colour in Britain's cottage gardens.
Dicentra do well in loamy humus rich soil
Dicentra Spectabilis are quite easy to grow and will can tolerate most soil types. The more loamy the soil the better your Dicentra will do so if your soil is particularly poor add in plenty of humus rich compost before planting.  They are do ok in sun but prefer shady or partially shaded areas.
Dicentra dies back in Summer
Bleeding heart
By mid and certainly late summer the Dicentra's show is very much over. Don't be to worried if your plant foliage starts to go yellow and brown mid way through the summer season. This can be cut back or trimmed but don't be tempted to cut it hard back whilst there is still some green as the plant is still absorbing strength from the leaves ready to appear again next Spring. You can lift and split your Dicentra's every 4-5 years if required.
Dicentra Spectabilis Alba
Dicentra Spectabilis Alba
Dicentra Spectabilis Alba is the most common white flowered variety. Its leaves have a lime green colour and almost fern like quality. Happy to be planted in a partially shaded cool border or woodland glade, it will usually have a longer flowering time and can maintain its leaves later than some of its pink cousins.
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Barbarapc said...

When my husband saw the white form he called it "Socks on the Line' -such a lovely spring & early summer flower. Gold Heart is one of the few spectabilis that doesn't go dormant until late August - although I suppose some folks might have problems with the chartreuse leaves and bright pink flowers.

simon tinks davis said...

Hi Barbara. I like your husband's expression the flowers do resemble 'socks on a line' when you think about it. Interested to hear about Gold Heart. I will look out for it when I go plant buying next.
Regards, Simon.

jnewman1 said...

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simon tinks davis said...

Thankyou so much for your kind comment your words are much appreciated. Regards, Simon

Micah said...

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Flowers said...

I love Dicentra Spectabilis Alba in the form of the common bleeding heart. It looks awesome. You will like it too.

simon tinks davis said...

Thanks flowers, I'm sure I will.
Regards, Simon.

Lin said...

I have inherited dozens of dicentra alba bulbs in my new garden which I am moving now. I shall look forward to seeing them bloom in my new woodland garden and hope they will do well.

simon tinks davis said...

How exciting Lin, you are especially lucky to have inherited them. Good luck with your woodland garden I'm sure they will do well. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Regards, Simon

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