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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Spring flowering bulbs: Crocus

How to grow Spring flowering bulbs Crocus
How to grow Crocus bulbs

The early spring flowering crocus is a popular hardy perennial flowering plant which is grown from a bulb (corm). Along with snowdrops they are one of the first flowers of spring They come in a variety of different colours, with about 30 known cultivated species. Botanically they are from the lily family genus
How to grow crocus bulbs
How to grow Crocus

The Crocus can withstand frosts which are still very likely during their flowering period here in North Hampshire. Even if light snow falls as it did this year the Crocus keeps going. There is a special reason for this however, their leaves and flowers are protected by a wax like cuticle.

How deep should I plant Crocus bulbs
How to grow Crocus

Planted around the base of an old tree in the same or different colours and among snowdrops as we have at Lord and Lady Newbury's they make an effective show. Planting Crocus as with planting any bulb, depth depends on the size of the bulb you are planting. As a guide use the length of the bulb and plant 3 times deeper than that length and for Crocus approx 2.5cm apart in a random pattern.

Tips on growing crocus
How to plant and grow Crocus bulbs
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